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      Internet TV providers are just starting to emerge, but they might soon get the jumpstart they need in order to turn into real competitors for traditional cable TV. The US Federal Communications Commission is beginning to consider a rule change that would put internet TV providers on the same playing field as cable companies when it comes to select regulations. Critically, it would mean that ...
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      A Democratic super PAC wanted to run a 30-second ad during a Friday evening newscast on New Hampshire's one network station — and was even willing to shell out the $10,000 that the station demanded. Hours ...
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      Federal Communications Commission in coming weeks will vote on whether Internet TV should have the same access to television programming as cable and satellite TV providers, which could shake up competition in the video industry. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on Tuesday said he has asked his fellow commissioners to vote on a proposal that would help Internet TV services, such as ones being developed ...
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      Forget relying on the convoluted TV guide from your cable or satellite provider. Google Now is a much better TV companion, telling you about what’s on, finding related information, and suggesting similar shows. Just as with Google’s other predictive services, you need to train it in your preferences so it learns what you like. Over time it will reward you with this knowledge by finding you new ...
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