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Younha says waiting for BoA's new album like an iPhone (2010/07/30)

Korean pop singers Younha (left) and BoA
Korean singer Younha has said that waiting for pop star BoA's upcoming sixth album release is similar to waiting for an iPhone.
The singer posted a comment on her Twitter page ( on Friday, saying "senior singer BoA's 'The Person Next To Me'.. and#12636;and#12636; [waiting for] sixth album almost feels like waiting for an iPhon


Your Dragon is Trained

Taking flight to DVD and Blu-ray.


YouTube Adds Music Hub To ‘Movies’ & ‘Shows’

YouTube is moving away from its rather lawless, rather disorganized past at a rate of knots. The latest step on this evolutionary ladder is a ‘Music’ hub to sit alongside the previously-launched ‘Movies’ and ‘Shows’ hubs.
Organized YouTube
YouTube is rapidly changing the site so that it’s less about the sporadic, unfocused occasional video viewing and more about the consistent, organized viewing of content.
The UGC is still there in spades, obviously, but theres also more professional content than ever before. And this is being channeled in order to improve the way we use the site.
YouTube also does well from this change, with people more likely to watch more videos for longer thanks to the randomness of the site being superseded by organized and focused hubs.

YouTube Hubs
We’ve already got YouTube hubs dedicated to Shows and Movies, and now Music has found a new home as well. Music videos have always been a big part of the

YouTube & Vevo Launch Five-Concert Series Starring Arcade Fire, John Legend, The Roots

YouTube and Vevo are seemingly intent on carving out a competitive niche in the music sector. And the partners are not content on music videos, now turning their attention to live streaming with a great series of concerts.
The five artists being featured include Arcade Fire, John Legend, and The Roots, with more possibly being added as time goes by.
YouTube Live Streaming
YouTube’s core business isn’t live streaming. It’s mostly left that to the likes of Ustream, Livestream, and However, things are slowly changing.
YouTube has streamed a few events live in the past couple of years. A

YouTube Extends Upload Limit From 10 to 15 Minutes Thanks To Improved Content ID System

Big changes afoot at YouTube with the upload limit being increased from 10 to 15 minutes. This has been made possible due to YouTube’s confidence in its Content ID system controlling the flow of copyrighted content.
YouTube Upload Limits
When YouTube first launched there were no upload limits, with videos of all sizes and lengths allowed on to the site. Then again, this was at the time when YouTube was a lawless Wild West-type place, before Google acquired the site and set about cleaning it up.
A 10-minute upload limit was introduced quickly when YouTube realized it meant full movies and TV shows were being posted. Some people, the clever ones, got around the limit by splitting videos into multiple 10-minute clips.
YouTube then put a Content ID system in place which recognizes the fingerprints of copyrighted material and flags it immediately.

From 10 To 15… & Beyond

YUCK! I hate broccoli!

YUCK! I hate broccoli!


Yotsuba&! Vol. #08

Yotsuba participates in a festival, plays in a typhoon, and even gets cake in this exciting new volume!Creative StaffWriter/Artist: Kiyhoko AzumaTranslation: Amy ForsythAdaptation: Amy ForsythWhat They SayThe ranch wasn't fun, huh? But maybe festivals will be less funner...


Young People Fucking Movie

Description: Plot : Will be available soon !!
Young People Fucking Movie is Directed By : Martin Gero
Starring : Aaron Abrams, Carly Pope, Kristin Booth, Josh De... | Category: Romance, Comedy, Drama


You Wouldn't Like 'HALKa' When He's Angry -- Or, Really, Ever [Video]

Filed under: , Constantly struggling to keep his innermost rage at bay only to gloriously unleash his fury upon those unlucky enough to be around him, the Hulk has one of the most sympathetic, relatable plights to comic book fans of all shapes, sizes and locations ... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments

If your Star Wars tattoos and collection of action figures doesn't prove you love George Lucas' iconic sci-fi series more than anything in the world, you can demonstrate your fanboyism in other ways -- like by wearing this cool new Wookiee jacket and Jabba the Hutt Sneakers.

Wannabe Wookiees from here to Kashyyyk will be sporting this brown winter jacket from Adidas. Featuring fur-lined hood, sleeves and waist (no Wookiees were harmed in the making of this coat ... ), this stylish jacket will keep you warm on those cold winter nights on Hoth. Branded with the word "Wookiee" -- which will undoubtedly help you pick up the opposite sex -- and the Star Wars logo, this is sure to let everyone you meet know you're way into Chewie. Does that make you a furry lover? I'm not sure, but it might. The only real downer here? You don't get a cool over-the-shoulder utility belt (probably better for the sake of your sex life ... ).Filed under: , ,

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