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Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves [Open Thread]


What the hell is Cliff Robertson singing and why is it germane to games? Well, it's a song in Fallout: New Vegas. Today's winner in the #taypics derby is GenocidalTeddy. Enjoy, while you talk about video games! More »

Would You Pay to See Chris Evans in These Fake Action Movies?

Just in case you didn't know, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World comes out next week. The hype train for Edgar Wright's latest has been running full speed ahead for months now, but here's a new batch of goodies to get you in the mood for the film's debut (and if you're curious, be sure to check out our own Todd Gilchrist's review from the Comic-Con screening).

Up until now, most of the promotional materials for the movie have focused on lovable slacker Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) and his blossoming romance with the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). What we haven't seen nearly enough of are the seven evil exes Scott must defeat to win the heart of his one true love. That changes a bit today.

The pro...

Watch This: 'I Spit On Your Grave' Trailer

There are plenty of discussions these days about the flood of remakes on the market, but very few movies present a better argument against the reboot/remake craze than I Spit On Your Grave. The original, which was also known as Day of the Woman, was of a very particular era and genre; I Spit On Your Grave was a subset of the '70s exploitation flicks that populated the grindhouses of New York City or drive-ins looking to make ends meet, the rape/revenge genre.

What's shown in the trailer for the original I Spit On Your Grave, which you can see here, is an interesting contrast to the new trailer. In both stories, writer Jennifer Hall (Camille Keaton, Buster's granddaughter) comes to the country to work on her book but instead finds herself raped brutally and repeatedly by a group of local men. But in the original trailer, the emphasis is on how Hall lures the men to their violent deaths by pretending she really is interested in them, only to strike t...

When Luck Runs Thin

When Luck Runs Thin BY:TeamArthurMember Please remember to add a rating as there are people of all ages that come to this site. Merlin Season Between Seasons 2 and 3 Rating(Refer to main page) Characters in the story Morgana; Morgause;Uther;Arthur;Merlin Pairings (if needed) Word Count Disclaimer / Warning:(if needed) Morgause sat a steel basin between herself and Morgana and placed a dead rabbit's foot in the center of it she sprinkled warm water over it and started the ancient incantation.she seemed to be so certian in what she was doing but Morgana's eyes were full of doubt.Was she doing the right thing? her quarrel was with Merlin, wasn't it? He was the one who tried to kill her .-What's wrong?-Nothing.-I have learned what that look is,something is troubling you what is it?-You aren't going to like what I have to say.-Morgana, you can tell me anything.Begrudingly, she looked at her newly found sister and told her what she had been holding back for days.-Should we be doing this?-We've talked about this.Morguase began ...

White Sox Keep Bobby Jenks as Closer

Filed under: You wouldn't call it a vote of confidence, exactly, but Ozzie Guillen declared Friday afternoon that Bobby Jenks is still his closer. For now, anyway.

"We'll see what happens today and then figure out later," Guillen told reporters. "Because I don't want to sit down here and talk to you guys, lie to you guys like I'm going to put someone else. Then when the game starts I need [Matt] Thornton in the seventh, [J.J.] Putz in the eighth and then Bobby is the closer.''

Jenks blew a save opportunity Thursday in Detroit, boosting his ERA since the All-Star bre... to Receive BMI's President's Award

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Gail Oskin, WireImage

Black Eyed Peas front man and producer, will be honored by performance rights organization BMI, during their annual Urban Awards on September 10.

The 35-year-old will receive BMI's President's Award for his work as both an artist/producer and a humanitarian. In addition to his burgeoning musical career, Will has had a successful year with his Peapod Foundation, which provides proper housing, health care and music and arts education to children living in poverty.

The Urban Awards will be held in Hollywood's Pantages Theater. BMI president and CEO Del Bryant will co-host the ceremony with BMI VP Catherine Brewton. The ceremony will also honor "Best Urban Song," "Best Urban Songwriter" and "Best Urban Publisher" of the year. Past honorees at the BMI awards include Taylor Swift and Willie Nelson.

In June, made the short list of celebrities selected to recei...

Waka Flocka Splits from Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane

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WireImage | Getty Images

It's commonly known that mixing business with family can lead to sticky situations, and Waka Flocka Flame is the latest to make the grave error. The emcee, whose mother managed the careers of Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane in the past, recently spoke on the emcees firing Waka's mother Debbie Antney, explaining that their business decisions have created a rift between he and his former associates.

"I can say when you start getting hot, there are a lot of people that get in your ear," Waka told 'Vibe' magazine, on why he thinks the emcees parted ways with

Win It: The Ultimate Couples Getaway!

Ready for some fun in the sun? "Extra" is giving away the ultimate couples getaway: two nights at Miami's Viceroy Hotel, his-and-her massages, beauty products by Vaseline Sheer Infusion and bathing suits by Lands End -- a vacation package worth $3,800*!

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Will Arnett and Amy Poehler Welcome Baby #2!

Emmy-nominated actress Amy Poehler and her husband Will Arnett officially have a family of four!

The "Parks and Recreation" star had a baby boy, Abel James Arnett, this morning. He weighed in at seven pounds, 13 ounces. According to ABC News their publicist Lewis Kay said the family is "healthy and resting comfortably."

The couple welcomed their first son, Archie, in 2008.


What was the quote and author from the "Criminal Minds" episode tonight? (3/24)?

At the end of every episode of "Criminal Minds" one of the characters always mentions a quote usually from a notable author, I didn’t catch it tonight, but I was wondering if anyone else did…thanks in advance!


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