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Vampire's Portrait Vol. #02

Will falling in love with a vampire will lead to Heaven or Hell...


Vampires Suck New Spoof-tastic Poster

Below you can checkout a brand new poster for Vampires Suck the Twilight Spoof that 20th Century Fox is putting out. In case you missed it the trailer is also below from earlier.
Vampires Suck is a comedy about contemporary teen angst and romance movies. Becca, an anxious, non-vampire teen, is torn between two boys. Before she can choose, Becca m...


Victoria 2 Goes Gold...Let The Monarch Overthrowing Begin

Paradox Interactive's latest in their long line of pure strategy games is Victoria 2, a 19th century-based title that sees gamers aiming to evolve out the age of the monarchs.


Vibram FiveFingers Sprint Multisport Shoes – Men’s Review

Review of the Day – 07/21/2010
Review date: Jul.172010
Review by: ped from Redlands, CA

FiveFingers Sprint Sprint (Men’s)
Some have called FiveFingers Sprint the most versatile footwear they own. Adjustable hook-and-loop closures cross over the instep and surround the heel for a personalized, secure fit. A thin abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide fabric follows the contour of the foot for comfort. And a flexible, non…

Vibram five fingers multisport

4out of 5

Gift: No
Sizing: Feels half size too small
Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Lightweight, Breathable
Best Uses: Road Running

Reviewer Comments: I bought the Vibram shoes after reading “Born to Run” and deciding to learn Evolutionary Running.
AFTER ABOUT SIX WEEKS of wearing these shoes I consider them the most comfortable footwear I own. Ordinary shoes are ...

Vivan Bhatena is India's Robert Pattinson

Ekta Kapoor has chosen the actor to play the lead in the desi TV version of The Twilight Saga.


Vidya Balan asks more money

Vidya Balan is no longer a part of Dhamaal 2. She was unhappy with her remuneration as well as the character she was playing.


VIDEO: Chuck’s Emails To Ellie

We don’t post Chuck fan videos very often, mostly because there are a LOT of them, and You Tube has it covered. But this one deserves to be singled out. It’s a new twist on recapping Chuck that’s creative and funny and, well, just watch! Kudos to KrisWatchesOn for this! Subscribe to the comments for [...]


Virgil Minelli

Back to: The Mentalist Characters ►VIRGIL MINELLI | Gregory Itzen Talk about Virgil MinelliCONTRIBUTE WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT CHARACTER!Sign in or sign up and click EasyEdit above to contribute to this profile.New to wikis? Visit the Help section for tips on getting started.VITALSOccupation: Chief of the CBI. He is Lisbon's boss.Specialty: Personality type: Abrasive, but quite kind underneath. He has a sense of humour.Signature look: Suit and tie.Strengths: Decisive. Cares about his AgentsWeaknesses: IrritabilityEndearing trait(s): His sense of humour.Annoying trait(s):Virgil Minelli's backstory: Virgil Minelli is Lisbon's boss. She reports to him and he reports to the Attorney General. He behaves in quite a paternal way towards Lisbon at times. He has mentioned an ex-wife.Minelli resigned his position as Director of CBI in Season 2, Episode 8: His Red Right Hand when 3 of the officers under him were killed in their building, at the hands of one of Red John's ...

VisualcontainerTV: Michal Brzezinski

VisualcontainerTV: Michał BrzezińskiJuly 18th - September 1st 2010VisualcontainerTVWeb TV channel VisualcontainerTV dedicates a mongraphic programme to the work of polish multimedia artist Michał Brzeziński. Brzeziński, theoretician and curator in the Contemporary Art Center Laznia in Gdansk, combines in his work the tradition of video art and experimental cinema and reflects on the phenomenon of identity in the world of new media.


Vaughn & Russell Meet In Old St Louis

Lights shining for Vince and David


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