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Ryan O'Neal to Join 'DWTS'?

Rumor has it Ryan O'Neal may be a contestant on the next "Dancing with the Stars," according to KEARTH 101's Lisa Stanley.

The new season begins September 20.

The story is developing ...


Robin Wright in negotiations for ‘Dragon Tattoo’

Sources confirm to EW that Robin Wright, the 44-year-old actress who is currently filming Moneyball opposite Brad Pitt, is in negotiations for a major role in David Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Wright is expected to sign a deal to play the part of Erika Berger, the editor-in-chief of Millennium magazine


Rani s Memorable Friendship Day With ‘Raja Ki…’ Team

Anjali Abrol, who is still fondly known as Rani of ‘Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat’, has for the first time spent her friendship day in Mumbai with her friends. She spent the day with the team of ‘Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat’ at Bandra. As we all know that the first Sunday of August is regarded as the friendship day.


Rush TV Series 1 Episode 36

An insightful series that looks at the incredible world of action sports. Be inspired and entertained as the athletes share their tips and inside information with Hannah Wang.


Rugby Union: Shute Shield 2010 Manly Vs Eastwood

Live outside broadcast coverage of the premier rugby competition in NSW the Shute Shield.


Return To Cranford Series 1 Episode 2

Miss Matty and the ladies of Cranford are in a frenzy of excitement about the imminent visit of Lady Glenmire. Meanwhile, Mr Buxton takes on Edward Bell to act as his land agent. CAST: Judi Dench, Celia Imrie


Renewables In Your Back Yard: On-line Tools in the U.S. and Canada Show Solar & Wind Potential

Is it worth it? Figuring out if your home, office, or the public pool down the street is suitable for solar or wind power isn't a straightforward process. Decentralized renewable energy is expanding rapidly and will be taken for granted as part of tomorrow's smart energy systems. Thankfully a series of on-line tools exists to help you figure out what you and your community's place can be in that future.

There are two basic questions when it comes to renewables: First, how suitable is your site – how much sun does your roof really get? Second, how do the costs pencil out and what subsidies and incentives are available to make it more affordable?

In Your Backyard
For Americans, “In My Backyard” (IMBY) produced by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is an excellent tool. Working in Google Maps you pinpoint your roof, draw on the size and location of the solar or wind installation you have in mind and hit “enter.” The system then uses meteorological data, local electricity rates and information on state and federal incentives, to calculate how much power you would produce and how long it will take for your installation to pay for itself at cur...

Resource: New Mobile App to Combat Climate Skeptics

Ever wish you had all the top climate information at your fingertips? If you're the owner of a smart phone, then your wish has been fulfilled: the "Skeptical Science" app for iphones, Android phones, and Nokia phones is available now (for free!).

Screenshot of the iphone app. The app lets you browse arguments via the Top 10 most used arguments as well as 3 main categories ("It's not happening", "It's not us", "It's not bad"). (via)

The app's creator, physicist John Cook of, describes the app:

The app looks at many arguments from climate skeptics and identifies a common pattern – that skeptics focus on small piec...

RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR Director Chris Gorak's DARKEST HOUR Shut Down By Moscow Area Fires (Twitch)

We are big fans of director Chris Gorak and his claustrophobic nuclear thriller Right At Your Door here at Twitch. And like all good fans, we were greatly enthused at the news that for his next feature Gorak would be teaming with producer Timur Bekmambetov - who comes with considerably deeper pockets - to shoot alien invasion picture The Darkest Hour in Moscow. But it seems we may have to wait...Source : Twitch (subscribe)


Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (1975)

Frank, you're so Transyl-vain!


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