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Jessica Simpson Describes Her 'Therapy'

The singer, who's the "the most confident" she's ever been, says she's tackled her issues "inside and out"


James Cameron Talks 'Avatar' Sequels, Novel, and More

In an interview with MTV News, James Cameron talked about what's next in the Avatar universe. Avatar hits theaters August 27th exclusively on 3D screens with nine minutes of new, Pandora-set footage. The new footage will include several new or extended scenes Cameron cut to keep the running time down to 162 minutes and introduce audiences to a new Pandoran creature, Sturmbeest, the object of a Na'vi hunt.

Cameron is working on adapting his "scriptment" for Avatar into a novel. He didn't want to pass off the responsibility for the adaptation to a "hack," but instead wants to handle it himself, something he wanted to do during post-production on Avatar, but couldn't due to time constraints.

As for Avatar 2 and 3, Cameron won't begin working on the screenplays until the deals with 20th Century Fox are locked in. Camerone did say, however, that he's seriously considering filming Avatar 2 and 3 back-to-back for cost and logistical reasons. <...

Jim Gentile Walks Off a Champ, as Do Baltimore Orioles

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It's because something is just right about this, something simple. It just feels good, I guess, to see someone in today's huge-dollar sports world do a basic, right thing.

On Friday, the Baltimore Orioles had '60s slugger Jim Gentile come on the field to throw the ceremonial opening pitch and to honor him. And when he got there, Orioles president Andy MacPhail walked out onto the field with one of those big, phony checks they use to show a crowd that they're giving someone some money.

MacPhail told Gentile, "This will take care of what my father started."

The check was for $5,000.

"I couldn't ask for anything better," Gentile told me a few minutes later. "I'm overwhelmed.''

Congratulations to Gentile. And congrats to the Baltimore Orioles, too. You did the right thing, and you did it perfectly. It showed heart. It showed an honoring of the past. It showed class.


Jay-Z's 'Decoded' Memoir Set for November Release

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Al Bello, Getty Images

Jay-Z's upcoming memoir, 'Decoded,' has been completed for several years now, but the Brooklyn rapper has finally settled on a November 16 release date for the personal project.

'Decoded' will feature detailed interviews from Jay-Z and his family and friends, as former 'The Source' editor, Dream Hampton, helps the high-profile rapper recount his childhood in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects through his rise to hip-hop fame.

During his cover interview for the June issue of 'Rolling Stone,' Hov revealed that it took him some time to get comfortable with the idea of releasing such a personal book. "It's too much," he admitted. "For the book, I was interviewed, people close to me were interviewed. So I was learning a lot of things I didn't know as a child," Jay said. "It's not anything i haven't said in the past, in songs. It's just more detailed. A song is three minut...

Jane Lynch Thrilled To Work With Carol Burnett in Glee

The director of Glee is in talks with Carol Burnett to rope her in to play the role of Nazi-hunting mom to Jane Lynch. Earlier it was supposed that Lynch would not be happy to share screen space with her in the movie. But, Lynch seemed to be overjoyed at the news, to the amazement of many.


Jeopardy Series 2 Episode 7

Simon is lost, trapped in a freight car and then bitten by a poisonous spider.


Jacky Bhagnani - Picture Gallery

See pictures of Jacky Bhagnani at our picture gallery...


James Cameron Talks About the Genesis of Avatar 2 and 3; the Avatar Novelization; and New Footage in the Theatrical Re-Release (/Film)

James Cameron is doing the press rounds this week to begin promoting the theatrical re-release of Avatar, which on August 27th will come complete with nine minutes of new footage. (Not eight, as previously reported.) In conversations with a couple of news outlets, Cameron talks about what's in that footage, and gives some spare details about his plans for Avatar sequels and the novelization of...Source : /Film (subscribe)Explore : Directors, Guillermo del Toro, James Cameron


Jesus Cooks Me Breakfast (2007)

OJ. All is forgiven.


Jonathan Hickman: The Renaissance Man of Marvel [Interview]

Filed under: , Since he first burst onto the scene with "The Nightly News," a visually inventive Image comic with an anarchist bent, a penchant for statistics, and an eye for graphic design, writer Jonathan Hickman has always seemed a little different. After ... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments