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Haredi modesty patrol catches violators on camera

Members of Committee for Preserving Sanctity and Education employ professional photographers to document yeshiva students attending 'immodest' cultural events. Images will be passed on to yeshiva heads


Happy Birthday, Crystal Bowersox!

Crystal Bowersox celebrates her quarter-century birthday today! Currently, the top female of Season 9 is traveling the country with the American Idols LIVE! 2010 Tour, and on her birthday she will be performing at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida.
The Ohio native has had quite a year. She went from singing in subways to being the most popular female contestant on the most popular TV show. Crystal first won over the judges with her version of A Natural Woman during Hollywood Week auditions, and they continually praised her week after week. Simon Cowell ended his nine-season judging gig after Crystal performed Patty Griffins Up To The Mountain by saying, This is the final critique I'm ever gonna give: That was outstanding.
After becoming the Season 9 runner-up, Crystal was signed to 19 Recordings/Jive Records and is ex...

Hitting the High Notes with The Sing-Off's Nick Lachey

Now that both Simon Cowell and Kara DioGuardi are off the American Idol judges’ panel for next season, we’ve been hearing countless rumors about potential replacements. You know who I think deserves a shot? Nick Lachey. The former boy-band heartthrob may best be known for 98 Degrees—not to mention a memorable three-year run on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica...  More >>


Holocaust doc 'A Film Unfinished' keeps the MPAA in the ire-provoking business

The MPAA has made some head-scratching rating decisions in the last year; it's hard to forget the R that "It's Complicated" earned for a pot-smoking scene, or the PG-13, conversely, for the violent "The A-Team."The group's ratings board isn't going to win over any skeptics with its decision in an appeal today to give an R to "A Film Unfinished," Yael Hersonski's chronicling of the production of a Nazi propaganda film in the Warsaw Ghetto circa 1942 and a look at the atrocities therein, which Oscilloscope is set to release later this month.Oscilloscope founder Adam Yauch was among those who presented to the board, and reacted angrily when it was over. "This is too important of a historical document to ban from classrooms," he said in a statement. "While there’s no doubt that Holocaust atrocities are displayed, if teachers feel their students are ready to understand what happened, it’s essential that young people are given the opportunity to see this film.... I understand that the MPAA wants to protect children’s eyes from things that are too overwhelming, but they’ve really gone too far this time."The decision is sure to raise the typical questions about the au...

Hawkgirl And Deadshot Come To 'Smallville'

As the tenth and final season of "Smallville" approaches, word has broken that two more DC Universe characters will appear on the second episode of the season.
According to Kryptonsite, Sahar Biniaz (pictured) will guest star as Shayera (aka Hawkgirl) in an episode called "Shield." Bradley Stryker will also appear in the episode as the infamous assassin "Deadshot," best known for his appearances in the "Suicide Squad" and "Secret Six" comics.
Unsurprisingly, Michael Shanks ("Stargate: SG1") will also reprise his role as Hawkman in the episode, following his debut during the previous season in the "Justice Society" episode by Geoff Johns.
Biniaz has actually appeared on "Smallville" three times before in minor roles and played Sabine in "Blade: The Series." Biniaz also played a foreign reporter in "Watchmen" and recently guest starred on "Sanctuary" and on "Blue Mountain State" opposite former "Smallville" star, Sam Jones III.
Stryker has made recent guest appearances on "Psych," "Stargate Universe" and "Supernatural." Prior to that, he appeared in "Over There," "Cold Case," "Arrested Developmen...

How Did Kenneth Branagh Become The 'Thor' Director? Kevin Feige Explains...

Sure, when it was announced that "Swingers" director Jon Favreau would be getting behind the camera for "Iron Man," it came as a bit of a surprise. "Rocketeer" director Joe Johnston for "Captain America"? Okay, that makes sense. Joss Whedon for "The Avengers"? Another surprise — but a pleasant one, for sure.
But for many fans of comics and comic book movies, all those surprises put together still didn't match up to the shock of finding out that Shakespearean veteran Kenneth Branagh would direct "Thor" — a big-screen, live-action film about Marvel's god of thunder. So how did he land the gig? Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige explained the course of events to MTV News.

"He chased it pretty hard," said Feige. "We had a number of good meetings, he flew himself over to meet with me, [and] we had a number of phone calls, a number of...

How a boy's death brought a West Bank cinema back to life

JENIN, ISRAEL -- In a tribute to a Palestinian boy accidentally killed, the city of Jenin banded together to bring a cinema back to life.

"A city with 70,000 people without a cinema is sad -- there's nothing you can do and nowhere to go," Vetter told CNN.

"I decided to stop making documentaries for a year and try to establish the cinema.

"We wanted to get the Jenin youth involved and give them a vision to believe in, something to aim for."

Read more at CNN.


Heroes: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)

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Heroes: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)

Heroes: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)

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