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FilmShaft Exclusive: Director Eric Forsberg on Mega Piranha and the Rise of the Mockbuster

The mockbuster genre has spawned from a long and fine tradition of exploitation cinema. There’s films such as Eric Forsberg’s Mega Piranha that are finding audiences across the world desperate for some hokey and ludicrous fun. The old adage that ‘nobody sets out to make a bad movie’ has been turned upside down.
The collective experience of watching a dreadful film, whether on the cinema screen or with friends, is turning into something of a cult phenomenon. Laced with irony, but played straight and with some seriously deranged ideas, the mockbuster series might become a new art form unto itself. Are they the product of counter-cinema or just bad film-making? Like Larry Kaufman’s Troma outfit, these new breed of movies are marketed as ‘so bad they’re good’, and it works.
Could the mockbuster be the evil twin of the Hollywood blockbuster set to wreck havoc of its own?
FilmShaft talks exclusively to mockbuster trailblazer Eric Forsberg to discuss his latest break-out ‘monster’ hi...

Funny People

When you name your movie “Funny People,” you better fucking back it up. I mean, you wouldn’t name a movie “Badass Express” and then cast Kevin Kline and Bill Hader as grizzled law enforcement veterans, would you? As far as I can tell, director Judd Apatow was using the word “funny” in an ironic sense, like “wouldn’t it be funny if a comedian was dying?” Well, after having sat through almost two hours of his dead-end ruminations on this tedious theme, I can only reply by asking “wouldn’t it be funny if Apatow’s next film was a pornographic snuff film starring himself and Seth Rogen?”
Because let’s be honest here: Rogen is not a funny man. Sure he’s overweight in that non-threatening, elementary school janitor kind of way, and he talks like the friendly guy behind the counter at the local McDonalds. However, these qualities don’t make you a star, and the only reason I can conceive of for Apatow’s insistence on casting him in the majority of his films is that a secret love has blossomed between the two Hollywood hotshots. It is often said that serial killers murder their victims so that no one else can ever possess them, and from the amount of time Apatow spends directing his lens onto Rogen’s chunky face I feel it is inev...

Famous Movie Locations: The Restaurant From 'Jackie Brown' (Los Angeles, CA)

Tonight is the kick-off screening for the 2010 Rolling Roadshow Festival, the nationwide outdoor movie festival, sponsored by Levi's and the Alamo Drafthouse. Each presentation will take place at a famous location from the movie that is screening, ... Read more Filed under: Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | 

Flipboard, the brilliant iPad app that has changed the way I read the news.

I've been using the iPad since it came out in April, and I still haven't strayed from my initial impression: Apple's tablet computer is a luxury, not a necessity. I must say, though, that I've gotten attached to using the iPad to surf the Web, browse Twitter and Facebook, and play a lot of games. (My favorites: Modern Conflict HD and Real Racing HD.) The iPad has also been a boon to my reading habits. I've purchased many e-books from Amazon's Kindle store (you can read them on the beautiful app that Amazon built for the iPad), and I've read countless magazine stories through Instapaper, the brilliant program that lets you save Web articles to your mobile devices.[more ...]

cast come together for the satirical comedy Butter, a script that made the '08 Black List, about a young orphan girl who, after being adopted by a Midwestern family, discovers that she has an incredible talent for butter-carving. Young actress Yara Shahidi plays the orphan who finds herself against the ambitious wife (Jennifer Garner) of the retired reigning champion (Ty Burrell) in a town's annual butter-sculpting contest. Entertainment Tonight (via

First Look: Wes Craven's Other New Thriller 'My Soul to Take'

Although any buzz about Wes Craven is now focused purely on Scream 4, the horror filmmaker actually has another new, original horror movie he shot and finished that's finally arriving this fall. It was originally called 25/8 but the title was later changed to My Soul to Take by Universal for the release. We've been covering the film since back in 2008 because Craven said that 25/8 would feature a new "signature villain" in the same vein as Freddy Krueger or Scream's ghostface killer. We've seen some photos of this before, but Bloody-Disgusting got their hands a small set of new photos that give us a tease at what's to come. Read on!

My Soul to Take is about a serial killer who returns to his hometown to stalk seven children who share the same birthday as the date he was a...

First Look: James Franco in Danny Boyle's Newest '127 Hours'

Earlier today, Fox Searchlight finally debuted (in EW) the first photo (or two) of James Franco as climber Aron Ralston in Danny Boyle's newest film 127 Hours. We've been talking about this film a lot over the last year as it's not only Boyle's follow-up to Slumdog Millionaire, but it's another one of those one-man-show kind of tense thrillers. Ralston (Franco) was the climber who had to cut off the lower part of his right arm by himself with a dull knife in order to free himself from being pinned by a boulder in a Utah canyon. The title refers to the amount of time he was stuck. Boyle still calls it "an action movie where the hero can't move."

I'm already getting a bit tense just thinking about the kind of pain and experiences we're going to see Franco go through. "This movie is going to be obsessive, and it will be for obsessives," Boyle stated. "You will want<...

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Friday List: Ranking the John Hughes characters

John Hughes, the master of teen movies. (AP) | PHOTO GALLERY Today marks the one-year anniversary of the death of John Hughes, the writer-director who served as a personal, pop cultural GPS for every kid who attempted to navigate adolescence in the '80s ... or for that matter, who has attempted to do it since. Much has been written about Hughes's impact on Generation X, about which of his movies most resonate, about why Hughes ducked out of Hollywood during the 1990s. In some ways, it seems like there isn't much left to say. Yet it seems somehow inappropriate -- at least to this devoted degree seeker in the field of Hughesian Studies -- to let this day pass without acknowledging the man. Which is why today's Friday List focuses on the 10 most memorable characters in John Hughes films, ranked from No. 10 up to No. 1. Clearly


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