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7.30 Report 05/08/10

He's back - what does the dramatic return of former prime minister Kevin Rudd mean to the election campaign? And - the population debate - sustainable or big or both.


7.30 Report 03/08/10

Features interview with Prime Minister Julia Gillard on day 18 of the election campaign.


7 Fish Hot On The Black Market

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72 Essential Filmmaker Resources

Here are a ton of links to help you on your next movie.
Film Festivals
Without A Box

Film Commissions

The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI)


Filmmaker IQ Forums
DVInfo -  (highly recommended)

Budgets and Planning


Variety - The Biz

Film Sound
Film Sound Daily
Audio Directory
Unidentified Sound Object

Visual FX

Creative Cow Forums
Video Copilot

Distribution and VOD publishing


Film News

Filmmaker Magazine


The Artful Writer
John ...

7 Musicians Who Died Whilst on Stage

As we know, the rich and famous and especially rock stars often not only die young but also in fairly unusual ways. For musicians, what could be more spectacular than dying right in the middle of the stage while performing? However, if you think an on-stage death would be unique, think again. The following list proves it happen more than you might imagine.Dimebag DarrellProbably the most spectacular death of all was that of Darrell Lance Abbott, a.k.a. Dimebag Darrell or Diamond Darrell. He was best known as founding member and guitarist of heavy metal bands Pantera and Damageplan. In a dramatic turn of events, Abbott was murdered on stage on December 8, 2004, during a Damageplan performance at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. Gunman Nathan Gale killed Abbott instantly with five shots and continued shooting, killing three others and wounding seven. Though the motive is largely unclear, it is believed that Gale, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, was under the delusion that the band could...

7th Heaven

7-Eleven jumps in ring with WWE

TV News: Convenience store chain links with Hollywood -- Thousands of 7-Elevens are promoting World Wrestling Entertainment's annual "SummerSlam."


7-Eleven jumps in ring with WWE

TV News: Convenience store chain links with Hollywood -- Thousands of 7-Elevens are promoting World Wrestling Entertainment's annual "SummerSlam."


7 Horror Sequels As Good As The Original

I have been on the road the last couple of days and wanted to get back in the saddle with a new editorial that I am sure a lot of you may disagree with but here is hoping at least one or two of you share my tastes. Today I want to share with you all 7 Horror Sequels that are just as good as the original.... if not better in some cases. So without any further ado here are 7 Horror Sequels that kick ass.
American Psycho 2: All American Girl: Two words, Mila Kunis and William Shatner. I loved American Psycho and when I heard they were doing a sequel to say I was less then impressed was an understatement. I ended up seeing it when it played on HBO and was quite shocked to find out that not only could Mila Kunis act, but that the film was actually quite good. Admittedly it has lost the psychedelic demented charm of the first one that starred Christian Bale but this one is still a keeper. In American Psycho 2 Mila Kunis plays a girl named Rachael who has developed a taste for murder and will stand at nothing to become William Shatners Assistant ( he plays her professor ). Needless to say all kinds of carnage unfolds as people start dropping like flies around this 'Al...

75pc of Brit kids have never played hopscotch

London, Aug 9 (ANI): Nowadays, kids are more often seen with a joystick in their hands than marbles or a hopscotch pebble. And a new UK study reveals that 75 percent of children have never even played hopscotch. Almost 40 per cent say they have no interest in playing conkers, while 93 per cent say [...]


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